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P/M David Mitchell

David started playing at the age of 13 and his first band was Burgh of Ardrossan Pipe Band in 1974. He then moved on to Irvine for three years before taking a break from piping. In 1983 Davie decided to blow out the cobwebs whilst at university, by joining the Glasgow and Strathclyde UOTC, where he enjoyed the mess hall so much he was going to join the French Foreign Legion, until his future wife Joyce advised him otherwise. In 1986 David became Pipe Major of Ardneil Pipe Band until 1991 enjoying success in Grade 2. Next came a three year spell with Ayr Pipe Band before once again taking a break from piping. 5 years later David states he was coerced into joining the Isle of Cumbrae by Billy Hunter and shortly after was unanimously elected the Pipe Major of a core of 10 Pipers and 6 Drummers. Through David's leadership the band has now grown to a pipe core of almost 30 and a drum core of 13 showing the great job he has done over the years. In this time David has also perfected his own version of Pipe Band sign language used to ask for a roll of tape, a piece of tape and a tuner which has became legendary along with some of his one liners "It's ma baw so a canny be wrong!!!"

P/S Alan Bateson

Alan started playing the pipes aged 12 and was taught by Duncan Johnstone at his piping school in Robertson Street and then later at his home in Strathbungo. Alan started his piping career with Neilston Pipe band in the 1970's, where he later became pipe sergeant of the band until 1984. Alan also played with 15th Battalion the Parachute Regiments TA Pipe Band for 3 years under pipe major Ian Plunkett. After the TA Alan had a short spell with Glasgow Skye Pipe Band, before joining Black Bottle. In the 1990's Alan rejoined Neilston for the final time as Pipe Sergeant. It wasn't until 2002 that Kenny Kennedy brought Alan down to a practice at the Albert Hall where he states "I was immediately given a standing order form and at that point my days with Neilston were over."
P/S Alan Bateson

Leading Drummer John Hood

John started playing the drum aged 14 and was taught by William McCourt at 1st Ardrossan Boys Brigade. Shortly after John moved to Ardeer Army Cadets for 2 years, then on to Ardrossan Pipe Band. Next it was Ardneil Pipe Band and finally Killoch Colliery Pipe Band before taking a prolonged break from the drums. Then, in 1999 shortly after the Isle of Cumbrae Pipe Band had formed John was convinced to come along. Over the years John has proved to be a great asset to the band, having fulfilled roles such as band treasurer, band quartermaster and is the current band secretary as well as the leading drummer. John's biggest challenge has always been, and remains trying to reign Mitchell's ideas and spending, however its clearly a partnership which has worked well.
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